Somebody I met

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Till now since I was born,so many people passed by. Many people said hi!bye along my life.

Some people walked into my life.Some people run through my life. Some people filled colors my life.

Without expecting,without inviting,without knocking,they penetrated my door and they had their seats in my life-room. They themselves made the roads towards me.

Some of them shared me smiles.Some of them treated me empathy .  Some of them told me true stories.Some of them let me wake up with the feelings like my life is worth to living. Some of them gave me remembrance.Some of them showered me fondest kisses. Some of them made me cool.Some of them gave me the peaceful hugs. Some of them teased me sweet and warm. Some of them embraced me trustworthy.Some of them taught me the colorful knowledge .  Some of them encouraged me confidence . Some of them empowered me success. Some of them hit me surprises.Some of them lifted me high.Some of them offered me a hand. Some of them loved me a heap .

Some of them made me crazy.Some of them pushed me upset. Some of them beat me pressure. Some of them eyed me wrong.Some of them wanted me broken.Some of them fought me enough.Some of them gave me pains. Some of them frowned me queasy . Some of them defamed me with jealousy. Some of them kicked me to failure.

I don’t remember some of them . I don’t forget some of them . I don’t suspect some of them. I don’t trust some of them.

Well,it’s a life we have to face.It’s meaningful but complex. I doubt that it’s useless. I believe that we should ignore some of them.

I recognize some of them for being a long term relationship.But sometimes I don’t feel any serious for losing some of them.Sometimes I can’t help longing for some of them. Sometimes I get so so serious severe wounds for losing someone. I can never forget someone who passed away , who has just a single day/month communication . For my whole life,I shall miss the one who met just a while even though I neglect some of them who have a long time relation .

Nyein Nyein Pyae


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